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Calling all children aged 5 and above!

Learn To Play Basic Waterpolo & Swim in 12 months!

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Structured program

At Pacer, we offer expertly designed syllabi and training programs tailored to help your child not only learn to swim but also learn the dynamic sport of Water Polo. Our approach combines the thrill of competition with the joy of learning in a fun and engaging environment. 


As they navigate through the waves of this exciting journey, our players will also cultivate crucial social skills and imbibe core values that extend far beyond the pool. Our commitment lies in fostering a holistic growth environment where Perseverance, Accountability, and Commitment aren't just words, but principles that guide their path, in sports and life. 

  • Upon completing our Advanced Group program, swimmers should be proficiently prepared to confidently achieve the SwimSafer Silver or Gold standard.

  • Our streamlined training approach means you don't have to wait three years to reach your goals. We believe in efficiency and effectiveness - achieve the same standard within just one year with us! (must come for all training)

  • We conduct  SwimSafer assessments annually, ensuring continuous progress and development for our swimmers.

Join us, and experience a unique, accelerated learning journey in swimming proficiency and water safety.

Curious to know more?

Get in touch via Whatsapp!

Toa Payoh Branch - 8068 0395
Dover Branch - 8068 1705
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