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Corporate Social Responsibility

Ah Mah Flippa Ball

What started as a humble gathering in the early hours, initiated by Polo Ting, has blossomed into a vibrant community of around 20 dedicated and spirited elderly ladies. These remarkable women, affectionately known as our 'Ah Mahs', meet every Friday morning before sunrise, not just to play the sport they love, but to revel in each other's company and share in life's joys. Their enthusiasm transcends borders, having recently traveled as a team to Malaysia. There, they not only competed with other community teams but also indulged in the local culinary delights. This initiative isn’t just about staying active; it’s a celebration of community, connection, and the enduring spirit of our senior members, proving that age is no barrier to enjoying life to the fullest.



As we huddle around our loved ones this festive season, there is much to be thankful for in these trying times of the pandemic this year. For many of us, we are fortunate to have food on our table, a roof over our heads, and warm smiles all around as we wrap up 2020. But we must not forget that there are vulnerable families out there who are not as fortunate. We can do our bit, no matter how small the effort, to spread blessings and kindness to let them know that they are not forsaken nor forgotten.


The Curry Bomb Initiative​

Launched in October 2020, the Curry Bomb fund-raising initiative was spearheaded by Neo Garden and the Singapore Swimming Association (SSA). The campaign aims to donate the proceeds from the sale of 30,000 Curry Bombs to SSA’s One Team Singapore Fund and the Straits Times Pocket Money Fund.


Every purchase of 1 Curry Bomb will allow the Straits Times School Pocket Money Fund to support 3 students from low-income families per day. SSA will steer part of the Curry Bomb proceeds from the One Team Singapore Fund towards training funds for the Water Polo community as part of SSA’s efforts to enable Singapore to be a world-class aquatics nation. At the time of writing, the campaign has seen encouraging efforts with close to 15,000 Curry Bombs being purchased.

PACER Paying-It-Forward

As a club who firmly believes in supporting and growing the water polo scene as well as giving back to the community, PACER would like to take this fund-raising effort further by inviting and rallying all members of the PACER family to come together to pay-it-forward in this season of giving.


To kick-off, the club has purchased Curry Bombs to be distributed to all PACER members, including the Ah Ma Flippa Ball community. Through this effort, PACER hopes that this will encourage everyone in the PACER family to pay-it-forward and extend the generosity and blessings to reach even more vulnerable families.

All PACER Club Members and Ah Ma Flippa Ball Club members can support by:

  1. Cash Donations

Donate any amount you wish via PAYNOW transfer to COACH TING (96899796). All cash donation transfers will be fully accounted for and recorded and will be made transparent to all members.


   2. Purchasing of additional Curry Bombs

If you would like to purchase more curry bombs for your own parties or gifting to family, friends, or your corporate partners in the spirit of supporting a good cause, do approach COACH TING to make special arrangements. Alternatively, you can place your orders at with the Campaign Code “PACERNEO”. One (1) Curry Bomb costs $20.12 (w/gst) and free delivery for orders above 10 pieces.

If you wish to donate your purchased Curry Bombs instead of consuming them, PACER is more than happy to make arrangements for the Curry Bombs to be delivered to vulnerable families. Please contact COACH TING for special arrangements.

PACER Going the Extra Mile – Matching Donations Dollar-to-Dollar

PACER is supporting this fund-raising campaign for the month of December. For the total amount collected from the Curry Bombs purchased (with campaign code “PACERNEO”) and cash donations by 31 December 2020, the club will match every dollar collected, up to $10,000. The total donated funds will be used to purchase more Curry Bombs to continue paying-it-forward in hope of creating a continuous positive loop of giving to support more vulnerable families in early 2021.


As you celebrate the year-end festivities with your loved ones, we sincerely hope for you to be a part of this movement. No amount is too small, just 1 Curry Bomb order from you could very well multiply to more orders and more donations for the needy. One small gesture from each and everyone goes a long way to spread kindness all around.


Finally, you can also do your little bit to help us spread the word by giving this a big shout-out on Facebook and Instagram. Remember to make your post public, tag us @pacerwaterpolo and hashtag #ProjectPacerBigHeart, #PacerCurryBomb, #PacerCurryBombForGood, #PacerNeo, #PacerWaterPoloAcademy, #Currybombforgood.


With many thanks & appreciation,

PACER Water Polo Academy



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